Tuesday, 22 May 2018

What is better than having another Marie Curie PhD at your office?

 I would like to devote this post to my colleague Barbara Heitner who is a PhD in TRUSS ITN under Marie Curie actions.

When you want to start a new career particularly when you need to move to another country, in the beginning, you always need some people to assist you with different issues to be able to stand on your own. Apart from the other great members of Phimeca, I would like to admit that I am so lucky to have Barbara as my colleague who has started her PhD one year before me in Phimeca and paved most of the roads before me. Not only for my research and work issues, she is also a great help to tackle personal problems.

With respect to the work, when your work situation and contract is different than other colleagues in the company you may go through different administrative procedure than others and in some cases it might be very boring and time consuming. As Barbara has already started her work before me as Marie Curie PhD at Phimeca, it made my recruitment procedure much easier and more straightforward. Also, it is always a great change when you start working in a company after university and it is not so easy for many people to easily get used to the new environment. It is much easier to adapt to work in a company when there is someone else in the workplace who has the same situation as yours.

In the other hand, since my research project and Barbara's are in the same domain, when I am facing different questions, she is the first person who hears them. Thank to the Phimeca's research team and Barbara, I could make a great progress in structural reliability analysis, probabilistic modelling, and programming in Python.

Apart from being colleagues Barbara is a great friend too. I appreciate her helps regarding my personal life as well. She made it easier for me to get used to live in  Clermont-Ferrand, France. Sometimes when I needed a company to discuss about different topics and maybe having a drink in the evening she was always there.

Since the next two weeks will be our final weeks that we spend together in Phimeca, by this post I would like to appreciate her help and support and I want to say that I was so lucky and glad to have her as my colleague.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

Me and Barbara after preparing the Christmas tree for 2018 in Phimeca

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