Friday, 18 October 2019

My thesis in 3 Posters- Part I: AK-SYS-T: A new approach to address time-dependent reliability using Kriging meta-modelling

Time has passed very fast and INFRASTAR is becoming THREE years old. it means it is time for all PhDs within INFRASTAR to boost their energies and finalise their results and get ready to defend their theses. As ESR number 10 of this program I am not an exception form this fact and I am getting ready to finish my PhD. During this period I have achieved invaluable experiences by working on different topics with skilled researchers and competent research centres. 

As a result, I believe I have done a very good PhD during this period and I am going to introduce the main parts of my work in posters in three different posts. 

This post is the first part of this chain and it is related to the first phase of my work in which we have developed a new time-dependent reliability method that is called AK-SYS-T. A short abstract on this work as well as some outcomes are presented afterwards.

The objective of this study is to investigate system reliability methods for time-variant reliability analysis. The main challenge in time-variant reliability analysis is dealing with low probabilities of failure while computationally expensive performance functions are involved. Time-variant problems are often simplified by discretizing time intervals. This enables one to transform the initial problem to a system problem. System reliability methods can therefore be used to address time-variant reliability problems. AK-SYS is an efficient system reliability method which can be applied when costly-to-evaluate performance functions are considered. Application of this method for time-variant reliability problems is introduced in this study that is supported with two academic examples from literature.

Journal papers: 
▪ AK-SYS-T: A new time-dependent reliability method based on Kriging meta-modelling, Reliability Engineering and Systems Safety (Under review)
Conference papers: 
▪ Time variant reliability analysis based on Ak-SYS, ICASP13, 26-30 May 2019, Seoul, South Korea 
▪ Application of AK-SYS method for time-dependent reliability analysis, CFM2019, 26-30 August       2019, Brest, France
Poster session: 
 ▪ MATHIAS October 2019 by Total R&D

**Please open the following link to be able to see the poster

Presenting this poster in MATHIAS 2019 by Total R&D

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