Thursday, 1 February 2018

One year in France

Since I am about to celebrate the first anniversary of my new job in France. I would like to devote this post to some of my living experience in France in a very short version. 

Living in another country, especially in the beginning, is like having lessons for every day in which even a small kid can be your teacher while you are learning their language. Of course, this learning process in not only about the language, you can learn a lot from people about their behaviour in different situation such as public transportation, classrooms, pubs, shopping, etc. In my opinion, when you want to know more about a country or a culture, the best way is to live among locals. 

When it comes to France, most of us can guess about different things that is famous in this country, however, depending on the person the first guess might be different since there are a lot of good stuff in France. In my own case I was always wondering about French wine and cheese. I did not have  any idea that consuming French cheese might be very addictive but gladly I was able to control myself against all those tasty cheese to become an addict. Although, French wine is super, beer is very expensive. I think they have intentionally increased the price of beer to persuade people to spend more on wine :)

During the last year I learnt a lot in this country. I found French people so polite while facing strangers especially when they are going to do something and that might be different in their friend's culture, so they ask first to make sure if it is not gonna be offensive for them. But, the most interesting characteristics that I realised about French people is that they expect you to learn their language very fast, however French is a very difficult language. They easily become tired of speaking English even if they are very fluent in English. 

In the end I would mention that, if one  wants to enjoy his/her life in France, there are too many things you can do. There are a lot of beautiful regions and cities in France to visit with their own specialities, also, there are a lot of good facilities to study, to do sport, music, etc. 

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